School of Tebow

Math Lessons

  1. 0 + 15 = ∞
  2. x = tebow;
    win = x((Q3)*0) + 10(Q4))

Science Lessons

  1. The world is round.
  2. Darkness is the absence of light.
  3. Theory of Relativity:
    1.  E = mc2,
    2. energy and mass are equivalent and transmutable
  4. Theory of Tim Tebow
    1. Awesome = T2
    2. ‘Nough Said
  1. God is real, the creator of the heavens and the earth.
  2. God loves you and sent his only begotten Son to die on a cross to bare our sin and to pay the price we could not pay.
  3. Tebow loves you, however if you wear a number in the 50’s you may meet the creator of heaven and earth much sooner than expected.

Critical Thinking

Question: If two trains are headed to the same station but train #15 is traveling at 25 mph and is 25 miles away, and train #11 is traveling at 30 miles per hour and is 10 miles away, which will arive first?

Answer: Train #15, Reason – The Law of Tebow.

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