Learning Tebonics is crucial for interaction with today’s youth, sports fans, scientific community, local hood and general directions in foreign countries.We will provide you with the top 15 Tebowisms. This should provide you with a good start to learning the language. We also invite the Tebowland community to submit Tebowisms in order to better educate the whole. After all, if we’re going to share this planet, we might as well learn to communicate with one another.

  1. Tebowed – The act of taking a knee in prayer to give thanks. (Johnny liked his Mom’s lasagna so much that he stopped, tebowed and then finished his dinner.)
  2. Tebowned – An act which leads to blurred vision, memory loss and sometimes unconsciousness. (Ralph, the family dog, wondered into the road and was tebowned by an 18 wheeler).
  3. The Tebow Effect – Noun referring to the unexplainable and often miraculous effect yielding in positive results during unprobable times. (Wow, I was sure we were going to die in the crashed jetliner but thanks to the Tebow Effect we some how managed.)
  4. TeCrow  –  What you are served after claiming an individual will not be able to accomplish a stated act. (Dude, you totally just ate some TeCrow.)
  5. Temown – Unique, but terrifying sound, following an extremely traumatic incident. (Bob let out a temown after his face was badly disfigured from his 3 story fall on pavement.)
  6. Tebow Time – A moment in time in which hope is fleeting and despair is near. (I think we have 30 seconds to disarm the bomb. I guess it’s Tebow Time.)
  7. Tebowl – What you eat your Wheaties in while watching the biggest game of the year. Also, a stylish haircut sometimes refered to as a monk cut. (Hey man, fill my tebowl and let’s catch the second half of the game. Fred, nice cut, can I feel your tebowl?)
  8. Motigation – A method of motivating, originally practiced in the Philippines but later modified in the Florida swamps. (Look Mike, you’re always so down on yourself thinking you can’t do anything. All you really need is some motigation.)
  9. Tebate –  Incorrect observation of an invisible truth. (Before Charlie mysteriously disappeared, he was in a tebate with Maria concerning her recent paper on the existence of wormholes.)
  10. Teblown – The act of trying to stop an unstoppable force. (Will decided that he could single handedly stop the speeding locomotive. Unfortunately, Will was Teblown to pieces.)
  11. T-Squared – Any mathematical equation who’s value would equal the number 15. (“T-Squared,” said the teacher who promptly corrected Frank who answered 7+8 equals 15.)
  12. T-Pot – A porcelain work of art capable of containing toxic poop. (Hey don’t do that in there, it’s too close to civilization, use the T-Pot instead.)  
  13. Tebownian – A fan of Tim Tebow. Synonymous with Bronco Fan, Brotherly Love and Red Blooded American. (Sure you can borrow my Chevy, were Tebownians, right? Tebownians gotta stick together!)
  14. Tebownator – What is needed to ignite a powerful force. (After a recent tornado ripped through the town, a Tebownator was used to remove trees from the main road.)
  15. Tebownitus – A condition causing vertigo and brain swelling following an encounter with an accelerated mass. (Mr. Coyote, an anvil was dropped on your head causing tebownitus, so we had to remove your ears and left shoe.)

Seeking definitions for the following. If you, or someone you know has a non-Webster approved definition for the following terms, please submit them below.

  • Tebowa
  • Tebownite
  • Tebowmania
  • Tebowsapien
  • Tebowphobia

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