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Tebow takes it to New York! Look out Big Apple, Tebow is in the house.

Tim Tebow's throws 316 yards for first playoff win. Coincidence? (John 3:16)

2012-01-10 21:05:22 admin

Tim Tebow makes no claim to be the Broncos savior, nor anyone else’s savior. However, it’s hard to look at his awkward passes, timely execution and extreme drive without being drawn into Tebow Mania. Often the question is, “How?” Enter the topic of faith, more specifically the Christian faith. Tebow has done little more than, compete, help/serve the sick and express his thankfulness for all things. Hmm, yet he ends being ostracized by comedians like Bill Maher. Interesting that Mr. Maher finds Tebow so offensive.

After a Steeler’s play-off win, Tebow managed to throw for 316 yards and a 31.6 average yards per pass. Coincidence? Well, I’ll let you be the judge…on second thought, I’ll let someone more qualified do the judging around here.

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Tim Tebow on Facebook

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Tim Tebow Player Profile

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